I have not started my asylum process yet

Since late 2018, a new asylum law is in place in France. Much has changed in the asylum procedure. The new law has introduced new approaches and new ways of assessing and treating the cases of asylum seekers.

                               Updated 2019

You do not need an address in order to start the asylum process. That is to say, as soon as you arrive in France you must turn up in one of the ‘Asylum seekers’ first reception centers’ (SPADA). These centers are the points of first reception of all asylum seekers, even if you have the address of a friend or family that hosts you.


By this new asylum law 2018, the asylum seekers who apply for  asylum in the Parisian region (ile de France: departments- 75,77,78,91,92,93,94,95) will no more be received to the ‘asylum seekers’ first reception centers’ (SPADA) without a prior appointment! If you are in these departments of Ile de France you have to call this number (01 42 500 900 ) in order to obtain an appointment  to go to the ‘asylum seekers first reception center (SPADA)’.
This call center is run by the OFII. On phone, you have to provide with the following information: your Name, date of birth, nationality and the asylum request (first time or a re-appeal). The call has to be made only from a cell phone (the caller’s geographic presence, at the time of the call, will be located and an appointment will be given to a SPADA of that location)
After the conversation on telephone, a date and time of the appointment and the address of the SPADA will be sent to you by SMS.
You have to present this ‘SMS’ to the SPADA on the day of your appointment. There they will prepare your file and send you to  the prefecture (Guichet Unique) with an appointment to apply for the asylum in France.
If you have difficulties or unable to contact the ofii’s call center, you can go to one of the ‘day care Centers’. This day center will direct you to “the center of examination of the situation of the asylum seekers (CAES)” where an appointment for the prefecture (guichet unique) will be given to you.

« SPADA »: The “SPADA” (‘Asylum seekers’ first reception centers’) are specialized organisations authorized by the OFII  for receiving the asylum seekers, providing them with information and accompanying them through the asylum procedure. They are in charge of filling the first application form on line with the asylum seekers’ personal data. The SPADA  gives an  appointment  for  the ” one-stop service” (GUDA : Guichet Unique pour les Demandeurs d’Asile), where the asylum seeker will meet both the prefecture and the OFII.

There is at least one SPADA in each region in France, sometimes more. In the Paris area, there is one SPADA for each department.

Although you can go to any platform in order to seek an appointment for the ‘one stop service’ (GUDA) to apply for asylum,(if you are out of Ile de France area) but it is more prudent and appropriate to go to a nearby SPADA, close to where you live.

We recommend going there early in the morning  because their capacities are often very limited.
List of platforms “SPADA” in France

What should you know before going to a SPADA ?


1/ When should you take the first steps to apply for asylum :

In order to treat the asylum application through a ‘normal’ procedure the new law requires that the asylum seekers should begin the process of asylum within 90 days [3 months] / [60 days if you are in Guyane)  of their  arrival to France. It is, therefore, important to be attentive while declaring the date of your arrival in France. No proof of the date of the entry in france would be demanded ( if you have arrived in France without a Visa) as it is comprehensible that you entered in France by avoiding controls because you needed the protectection. You have just to declare the date of your arrival to the registration officer in the  SPADA.. 

After 90 days (or 60), you CAN still seek asylum, but your request will be processed in a procedure called “fast track procedure” and you won’t get the “CMA” (the monthly amount of money and the accomodation).

“Fast-track Procedure” (Procédure Accélérée): If the prefecture or the OFPRA are sceptical about the reasons exposed in the asylum application, they can decide to review the application using a “fast-track” procedure. In this case the asylum seeker is still allowed to apply for asylum, but the examination will take less time than the normal one, which means you have fewer guarantees that your case will be examine thoroughly.

2/ Information you should prepare :

Pay attention to the information you give to the SPADA. This information will be forwarded to authorities responsible for asylum (the prefecture and the OFII) for the registration of your asylum application. An error made in your declaration will not be easy to rectify later.

We recommend that you prepare in advance all the information required, such as: date of departure from your country, date of arrival in France, the countries you crossed in addition to arrival and departure dates. If you do not know the exact dates or some names of the countries you crossed, because the conditions of the journey did not allow you to remember all these details, it does not matter. This does not prevent you from applying for asylum. You just provide the information you have. Take care not to change your reportings.

Here in the SPADA you will meet an officer who will : 

1/ ask you some questions about you. You will have to give  :

-Personal information like : name, marital status

-Date of departure from your country and date of arrival in France

-The routes you have taken in order to arrive in France.

-Your language: the language in which you wish to do all your steps (be careful to choose the language with which you are most comfortable because it is this language that will be used at all stages of the procedure, including INTERVIEWS).

2/ fill in your information in the computer. This information is to be forwarded to the prefecture. 

3/ Then the prefecture will give you a convocation to go (in a period of 3 to 10 days according to the texts) to the “one-stop service” in order to get the asylum application registered. 

“GUDA”: is a new office for asylum seekers. It has two desks, one for the prefecture, the other for the OFII.
At the one-stop service, the prefecture will register your asylum application, and then an officer from the OFII will examine your vulnerableness (mainly through your situation regarding the housing and your health). During this interview with the OFII’s officer, you will be offered to accept or deny the “conditions matérielles d’accueil”, which is a housing and financial aid offer.

“Domiciliation”: In order to carry out all their administrative procedures, the asylum seekers need an address: the SPADA  provides with an address  to all asylum seekers. You will recieve thus a domiciliation certificate valid for one year, so you can receive at this address your letters from administrations such as OFPRA or CNDA, or apply to benefit from the social rights that is given to you as an asylum seeker.