Information for exiled persons in France

This website, created by Dom’Asile, is a platform of information for asylum seekers and exiled persons in France. Presented in simple and understandable language, it provides relevant and concrete information to persons wishing to apply for asylum, as well as the rights of the asylum seekers in the course of the procedure, the beneficiaries of international protection and the asylum seekers whose demande of protection have been refused …

This information is provided through different languages and different media: text, videos and audio.
You can ask us a question related to asylum procedure in France through this website. We will try to answer you as quickly as possible. You can find as well a number of “already asked questions and their answers” in the FAQ section.

Please be aware that this website has no connexion with the French administration : we don’t have information about the examination of your file by OFPRA or CNDA or any administrative offices.