Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine

The Ukrainians holders of a biometric passport do not need a visa to enter the Schengen area and in France.

On the other hand, the Ukrainians who do not have a biometric passport will have to go to one of the French consular offices in the States bordering Ukraine to obtain a visa or a laissez-passer. These people can stay legally in France for 90 days.

Yes, they can stay in France up to 90 days. However, they cannot benefit from economic and social rights during this period (health insurance, family benefits, work etc.).

Only access to somme specific accommodation will be provided to them (ie, mergency  accommodation and assistance).

People can apply for a « Temporary Protection » to stay longer. To do so, they must contact the prefecture of the department where they arrive. The modalities of access are different according to each prefecture of the department, you can consult them >> here

Temporary protection status is an European directive dating from 2001. By a decision of 4 March 2022 (published in JOUE),, the European Council decided to impliment this directive of “temporary protection” to grant protection to people fleeing war in Ukraine

The ‘temporary Protection’ shall apply to the following categories of persons fled Ukrain on or after 24 February 2022 as a result of the military invasion by the Russian armed forces which began on that date: 

(a) The Ukrainians residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022
(b) stateless persons, and people who have been granted international protection or a equivalent national protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022; and
(c) family members of persons referred to in points (a) and (b), i.e spouses, children and ascendants or other persons who lived with them before the invasion.

Other “categories” include

The nationals of third countries other than Ukrainians, who can prove that they were living legally in Ukrain before 24 of February 2022, [ with a valid permanent residence permit issued in accordance with Ukrainian law, and who are unable to return to their country under safe and sustainable conditions]


People excluded from Temporary Protection.


– Ukrainian nationals who have been living in France before 24 February 2022.

– The asylum seekers in Ukraine (They can apply for asylum in France)

– People fleeing Ukrain who can return to their country of origin.

They can ask for an examination of their situation according to the general law on protection of foreing nationals.

A residence permit:


Temporary protection allows the beneficiaries to obtain a residence permit called «autorisation provisoire de séjour (APS) for a period of 6 months, renewable until the temporary protection is suspended at European level (normally for a maximum of three years period).

These resident permits (the APS) will be issued by the prefectures. The Perfecture is responsible for determining (examining the application) to decide whether or not the applicant falls within the scope of temporary protection.



Beneficiaries of temporary protection are also entitled to the allowance for asylum seekers ( called ADA), provided by the OFII. They should therefore be issued with an ADA card (payment card) by the OFII.

The Temporary protection status is not the status of an asylum seeker ( people will not be accommodated in the national reception system for asylum seekers, unless they apply for asylum in parallel with the temporary protection) 


Right to work:

Temporary protection status gives the right to work in France


Health insurance:

a) People benefiting from Temporary Protection will be granted the universal health protection (PUMA) as well as complementary health insurance [CSS] upon presentation of the temporary residence permit. [they are not required to fill out an application form, nor they need to justify their incomes)

b] For Ukrainians residing in France whose residence permit has expired, the rights to the universal health protection will be automatically extended.

A day reception centrer has been opened by the Paris Prefecture with the NGO (FTDA) and the Paris City Hall to welcome the people fleeing Ukrain.

For the other departments and regions, People will be received at the prefectures of the department.

Address in Paris :

France Terre d’Asile (FTDA) :

– Reception center at Paris Expo porte de Versailles – Hall 2.1 

– (Métro &Tramway ” Porte de Versailles” – Access from l’avenue Ernest Renan 75015 Paris)

– Open 7/7 from 9AM to  6PM. Interpreters are available.

– 24/7 information hotline: 01 87 66 66 12

This site helps to start the process of accessing the right to stay,

– to find accommodation,

– to find food and to see a doctor.


In the other regions in France: Go to the nearest prefecture.

The prefecture is charged for the reception, registration, access to rights and accommodation of people in their regions,

To find out more about access by department, checkout the map >> HERE

Yes, any person coming from Ukraine can apply for asylum, even if he/she has been granted the temporary protection.
To do so, you must apply for it to the Asylume seekers reception centers (SPADA) 

No, Ukrainian citizens or persons with a residence permit in Ukraine are not subject to an entry visa. They have the right to choose their host country.
Special cases . If an asylum application has been made in another Member State, the procedure may apply.