I went to a platform of reception of asylum seekers (PADA)

Now that you have been in the PADA, you can read carefully this section, in order to know more about the next step of the asylum process : your appointment at the one-stop service (Guichet Unique),

Due to the limited capacity of PADA, it is possible that you won’t be received the first time round.

Do not be discouraged! You should go back again!

You can also go to another platform (List of platforms). If you have further troubles, you can go to see  associations that help asylum seekers (par exempleLa Cimade).

Reminder: You must go through a platform PADA in order to seek asylum in France.

« PADA »: The “PADA” (Plateforme d’Accueil des Demandeurs d’Asile –  Asylum seekers’ reception Platform) are specialized organisations authorized by the OFII  for receiving the asylum seekers, providing them with information and accompanying them through the asylum procedure. They are in charge of filling the first application form on line with the asylum seekers’ personal data. The PADA  gives an  appointment  for  the ” one-stop service” (GUDA : Guichet Unique pour les Demandeurs d’Asile), where the asylum seeker will meet both the prefecture and the OFII.

There is at least one PADA in each region in France, sometimes more. In the Paris area, there is one PADA for each department.

At  the PADA, the employee gave you an appointment letter to go to the “one stop service”.

On the appointment paper, the address of the “one stop service” and the date and time of your appointment are indicated. You have to be on time. If you do not show up to your appointment, it will be hard to get another one!

At the “one stop service”, you must go first to the counter of the prefecture and then to the OFII’s.

« Guichet unique (GUDA) » :The new asylum law of 2015 has established a new office for asylum seekers, having two desks, one for the prefecture, the other for the OFII. This office is called the one-stop service for asylum seekers, in French GUDA (Guichet Unique pour les Demandeurs d’Asile).

At the one-stop service, the prefecture’s official will register your asylum application, and then a worker from the OFII will examine your vulnerability (mainly through your situation regarding the housing and your health). During this interview with the OFII’s worker, you will be offered a proposal for granting you the matériel help of asylum seekers”, which is a housing and financial aid.

At the prefecture’s counter you will meet an official in charge of the registration of the asylum applications..
He/she will take your fingerprints and see if you have been to another europen country before coming to france or if you have already applied for asylum in France or in another country of the European Union.

Then the official will tell you how your asylum procedure will be examined: the asylum application can be examined by normal procedure, fast-track procedure or Dublin procedure.


perfecture-englishIt is important that you understand the difference between these three procedures as the treatment of your asylum demand will differ, in terms of time but also in terms of quality of file review, particularly in the CNDA (appeal in case of refusal of OFPRA)!

« Préfecture de police »: The prefecture is the administration in charge of delivering the residence permits to anyone staying in France. Its officials are in charge of registering the asylum seeker’s fingerprints in the Eurodac database, of delivering them their asylum seeker’s certificate (in French : attestation de demande d’asile), as well as the file for asylum application (OFPRA file). One cannot apply for asylum as long as he is not registered by the prefecture.

“Fast-track Procedure” (Procédure Accélérée): If the prefecture or the OFPRA are sceptical about the information exposed in the asylum application, or other reasons like , asking asylume after 4 month’s of arrival in france, coming from a country considered ‘a safe country’ etc. they can decide to review your application in the “fast-track” procedure. In this case the asylum seeker is still allowed to apply for asylum, but the examination will take less time than the normal one, which means you have fewer guarantees to get the réfugee status.

“Dublin Procedure” (Procédure Dublin): If the prefecture decides to process your file using the Dublin Procedure, it means that they found an evidence that you passed through another European country. In this case, the prefecture cannot register your asylum application in France. The first European country you passed through is in fact considered responsible for your asylum application. So  the prefecture will ask that country to take you back in order to examine your asylum application. While waiting for the reply of that country, the prefecture will give you the ‘one month’s staying permit (ADDA) and you can benefit from the material reception conditions such as the financial aid for asylum seekers and the health insurance.

At the « one stop service», after meeting an officer of the prefecture, you will go to the OFII.

“OFII”: The OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration, Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration) is an administration under the authority of the Home Ministry. Among other tasks, it is responsible for the reception of asylum seekers in France and for accompanying them throughout the process of their asylum application. This includes financing the PADA and organizing the care offer for asylum seeker (financial aid and accommodation).

An officer of the OFII will ask you questions about your personal situation to see if you have specific needs. An emergency accommodation for example or a place suitable for the disabled, etc. It is to him/her that you should indicate whether you have immediate needs, such as accommodation or other.
In order to do this, the OFII will give you a form called “offer of support from the national reception system.” (offre de prise en charge au titre du dispositif national d’accueil ; see the photo below). In order to get the aid proposed by the OFII, you must sign the form by checking the YES I AGREE TO BENEFIT OF MATERIAL RECEPTION CONDITIONS (Oui, j’accepte de bénéficier des conditions matérielles d’accueil).
Attention: if you do not accept this offer, you will not benefit from this aid

What kind of aid can an asylum seeker benefit from ?
The law gives you the right to accommodation and financial assistance during the period of your asylum application, provided that you sign the form (offre de prise en charge au titre du dispositif national d’accueil) by checking the box “YES I ACCEPT ” (Oui, j’accepte).

If you correctly checked the ‘Yes” box, you can benefit from an accomodation and a financial assistance. The accomodation can be either a CADA (accommodation center for asylum seekers), or a HUDA (emergency accommodation for asylum seekers). The accommodation could be offered anywhere in France.

If you are in a CADA:

1/You will have a room to yourself or you will share a room with someone.
2/ You will receive financial help (financial allowance for asylum seekers) of 6,80 € per day per adult.
3/ Assistance in order to apply for asylum and proceed with granting you your social rights
4/ You will use the address of your accommodation for all your procedures
5/ You can stay there until the final decision of your asylum:
6/ If you are granted refugee status, you must leave the accommodation within 6 months after obtaining the decision.
7/ If your application is rejected, you will have one month to leave the accommodation, after date of reception of the decision.

If you are in a HUDA:
1/ You will have a room to yourself or you will share a room with someone. Most of the times it will be a hotel room.
2/ You will receive financial help (financial allowance for asylum seekers) of 6,80 € per day per adult.
3/ You can stay there until the final decision of your asylum.
4/ You will receive all of your mail at the PADA PADA.
5/ The follow up of your asylum file and your social rights will be ensured by the PADA of your domiciliation.

WARNING : As the number of places is limited, it is quite possible that the OFII does not give you an accommodation right away.

If there is no places available, the OFII will ask you to wait and you will benefit from :
1/ A financial help (financial allowance for asylum seekers) of 11 € per day per adult
2/ A domiciliation at a PADA (for all your procedures).
3/ The follow up of your asylum file and your social rights will be ensured by the PADA of your domiciliation.

If you need help with your asylum procedure or in regard to your social rights, you can contact “Dom’Asile” or other associations that provide assistance to asylum seekers:

List of the permanences held by Dom’Asile (Paris and surroundings)
List of the Refugee Help Centers of Cimade (all around France)

WARNING: It is very important to understand that if you do not accept the offer of accommodation made by the OFII (offre de prise en charge), you cannot have accommodation or financial assistance.

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