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01* Asylum in France :
Welcome to Dom’Asile’s website
02* Asylum in France :
 Who is a refugee?
03*: Asylum in France : I think I am a refugee,
I get prepared to apply for asylum

04* Asylum in France : 

The PADA (Platforms of reception for asylum seekers)

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05* Asylum in France : 

The Dublin Procedure 

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06* Asylum in France : G.U.D.A,
the one-stop service (prefecture and OFII)

07* Asylum in France : 

The OFPRA (French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons)

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08* Asylum in France : The Appeal in the CNDA
[National Court of  Asylum Rights]
09* Asylum in France : 
Reexamination of asylum application

10* Asylum in France : 

The Allowance for Asylum Seekers (Allocation pour les demandeurs d’asile : ADA) 


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11* Asylum in France : 

THe health Insurance for asylum seekers (Puma/CMUC)

12* Asylum in France : 

Health Insurance for those who have been denied the refugee status (Aide Médicale d’Etat : AME) 

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13* Asylum in France : 

Accommodation for asylum seeker  (CADA, HUDA, ATSA, 115)